Letters: Readers respond to call for Cruz to resign | Houston Chronicle


Regarding “Resign, Sen. Cruz. Your lies cost lives,” (A16, Jan. 10): Thank you for your editorial urging Sen. Ted Cruz to resign. Cruz, like Donald Trump, doesn’t want the job he was entrusted with. Again, like Trump, he wants the role to play and the personal prestige and self aggrandizement that comes with the title while taking no personal responsibility for actually serving the country, his constituents or the Constitution. His cynical and pandering attempts to now decry the violence he helped unleash is absolutely disgusting. He was prepared to lie to the American people for his own political gain, with no regard for the consequences to others. Now he needs to be forced to face the personal consequences of his outrageous irresponsibility.

Cruz cannot be allowed to walk this back and pretend this was done out of some purer motive. He must never be allowed to think we will forgive and forget after what he has done. If he doesn’t do the honorable thing and resign, the Senate needs to expel him from the chamber, either under the Senate rules, or by invoking the 14th Amendment. He cannot be allowed to escape the consequences of his actions. He must resign or be removed.

Bruce R. Bodson, Missouri City

Ted Cruz, you need to resign as senator of Texas because you have not fulfilled your oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and the associated electoral procedures. You were not elected to represent or defend Donald Trump, or to claim that the vote count in Arizona and Pennsylvania was fraudulent. You have practiced before the U.S. Supreme Court and understand the details of constitutional law as a scholar, yet you mislead millions of Americans by…

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